Does milk make your cough worse

Does milk make your cough worse?

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Abstract: You may have often heard people advising you against drinking milk when you have a cold. They blame milk for increasing the production of mucus, and making your cough worse. We find out if there is any truth behind such claims. 


A glass of milk is something people advise you against when you are suffering from cold. It is commonly believed that milk increases the production of mucus, coats your throat, and triggers more coughing. But most of the studies till date have failed to find any correlation between milk (or any dairy products, in fact) and production of mucus.


Although, given its viscosity and stickiness, milk may increase the sensation of mucus in the throat. In other words, the texture of milk may make the mucus in your throat a bit thicker by sticking to it. This gives a false feeling of an increased mucus production. And hence, most people mistake this phenomenon as an allergy resulting from milk. The fact is: milk or any dairy product is not going to worsen the condition of your cold. Refraining from milk or dairy products may make your body leave out on essential nutrients and calories which you might need more during sickness. To avoid any such sensation of stickiness, you may opt for fat-free milk or warm the milk well before drinking.

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